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Beyond the Binary Thresholds

Glitch Art as a Post-Digital Reality

Published onNov 11, 2023
Beyond the Binary Thresholds


"Beyond the Binary Thresholds" is a mixed-media project that explores the nature and significance of glitches in screen media and technology. It investigates the transformative potential of malfunctions and noise artifacts, challenging established norms and prompting viewers to question programmed patterns. This exploration acknowledges the varied perspectives of glitches as technological errors or social constructs, creating a post-digital labyrinth of overlapping implications. The project invites reflection on glitches' ephemeral nature and their role in the digital age, offering insights into the relationship between mankind and technology.

This is not a map

or a program

but a maze

One which is built by

my voluntary and involuntary actions




In an effort to resist linear organization,

the residue of an old paradigm

evolving through time-keeping

and bound by disjointed amalgamation and coherent alliances.

Beyond the Binary Thresholds is a mixed-media project exploring glitches' nature and significance in screen media and technology. The project examines the transformative potential of malfunctions and noise artifacts, observing the ever-changing relationship between order and disorder, black and white, and the collective monotony.

The aesthetics of glitch art deconstruct the illusion of linear progress, and the project examines how glitch art can challenge socio-political and economic codes. Through disturbance and interference, the viewer is encouraged to question the programmed patterns that control their personal routine, exposing the repetitive patterns that shape their lives.

The process recognizes that glitches can be viewed differently, depending on whether they are perceived as technological errors or social constructs. Rather than attempting to prove one perspective over the other, the project seeks to explore the overlapping and juxtaposed implications of both perspectives, which, as a whole, create a post-digital labyrinth. The glitches are generated using repetitive patterns and feedback loops using Touchdesigner. The continuous animation is converted into an image sequence that is screen-printed in CMYK. This combination allows us to observe the disjointed process in 2D and 3D space. The nature of screen printing itself creates physical glitches with registrations and misregistrations.

Beyond the Binary Thresholds is an inquiry into the lost truth and transient nature of glitches, recognizing them as an entity that has no solid form through time, often seen as a break from the flaws within the system. It aims to invite viewers to reflect on the significance of glitches in the digital age and to explore the relationship between man & machine.

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